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4th Interdisciplinary Conference on Production, Logistics and Traffic

Focus Topic: Commercial Transport – Essential Link for Production, Logistics and Society

The 4th ICPLT aims to identify trends and challenges for commercial transport as the essential link for production, logistics and society. Therefore, innovative technologies and strategies should be presented and discussed to better understand the interdependencies and conflicts of interest between the areas of production, logistics and traffic.

The conference’s focus topic is Commercial Transport – Essential Link for Production, Logistics and Society. Within this focus topic ICPLT presents a broad spectrum of different scientific and practical solutions for more efficient, environmentally friendly and smarter production, logistics and traffic. Due to the manifold interfaces, ICPLT contains both methodical and content-related focal points. Additionally keynote speakers will i. a. adress selected topics on future logistics, trends and visions in transport and smart urban traffic.

In particular, the sessions will focus on

  • Simulation and Optimization in Production, Logistics and Traffic
  • Autonomous Trucks
  • Intralogististics & Logistics Facilities
  • Policy & Human Factors
  • Freight Transport & Demand Modelling
  • Production, SCM & Maintenance
  • Sustainable Logistics & Energy