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Layout Planning


  • Services
    • Analysis and Planning of functional areas in logistics systems (e. g., warehouse areas, buffer areas)
    • Development of alternative layouts
    • Improved assignment of buffer areas to tranpost destinations
    • Modelling and analysis of alternative layouts with the help of simulation
    • Evaluation of alternative layouts

  • Objectives
    • Planning of new or modified logistics terminals (e. g., container terminals, parcel hubs or forwarding terminals)
    • Consideration of the requirements of internal processes (e. g., aisle width)
    • Consideration of the requirements of processes on the yard or factory premise (e.g., space for shunting, road width)
    • Proof of concept and derivation of optimization potential with the help of simulation
    • Strategic recommendations based on quantitative operating figures

Contact: Maximilian Kiefer, M.Sc.