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Tour and Route Planning / Vehicle Routing

  • Services
    • Operational tour and route planning (pickup and delivery)
    • Strategic/ tactical region or tour planning based on different scenarios and target performance comparison
    • Support of planners/ dispatchers by automated and configurable tools for optimized tour and route planning (e.g., for pickup and delivery of groupage freight)

  • Objectives
    • Minimization of required vehicles or overall transport costs
    • Compliance of time restrictions (e.g., pickup and delivery time windows, maximal duration)
    • Consideration of different vehicle types (with different capacities)
    • Pickup-and-Delivery: Best possible combination of stops for pickup or delivery of customer shipments (e.g. with configurable percentage of shipments that have to be delivered first)
    • Robust Planning:
      • Scenario Analysis (Strategic/ tactical region or tour planning)
      • Consideration of stochastic influences like uncertain orders or changed amounts of shipments (operational tour and route planning)

Contact: M.Sc. Stefan Schaudt