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Facility Location Planning, Strategic Network Planning and Transport Planning


    • Services
      • Planning of structures and transports in logistics networks with the help of mathematical optimization (rail and road freight traffic)
      • Planning of new network structures and facility locations („green field planning“)
      • (Re-) Optimization based on given network structures (e.g.,customers, facility locations, hubs, and their connections)

  • Objectives
    • Efficient consolidation and routing of transport flows in logistics networks (rail and road freight traffic)
    • Selection of most suitable facility or hub locations
    • Consideration of real world transport costs (e.g., based on vehicles or trains)
    • Consideration of handling costs in logistics facilities
    • Multi-stage network planning considering different location types, hub functions, and capacities (e.g., customer – depot – hub)

Contact: M.Sc. Stefan Schaudt