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Crew Scheduling, Staff Requirement Planning and Staff Resource Planning

  • Services
    • Short-term, mid-term and long-term planning of crews/ staff
    • Combination with planning or allocation of logistics resources (e.g., lift trucks, transport vehicles)
    • Support of planners/ dispatchers by automated and configurable tools for an optimized planning process
    • Direct coupling of staff planning with workload that has to be covered (based on customer orders)

  • Objectives
    • Computation of ideal requirements per / during a day or week (incl. buffers)
    • Optimization of crew schedules for several days/ weeks (crew scheduling) and assignment of suitable staff (staff planning)
    • Consideration of employee qualifications and the requirements of tasks that have to be performed
    • Compliance of legal and operational working time rules and restrictions
    • Equal utilization of staff members or cost minimization
    • Increasing the acceptance and satisfaction of employees by fair duties and consideration of individual wishes (e.g., holidays)

Contact: M.Sc. Stefan Schaudt