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Clausen, Uwe - ITL klein

"The Institute of Transport Logistics has been working closely with logistics service providers and shipping companies from various sectors for more than ten years. Subject of the projects is the development of pragmatic solutions for logistics facilities and the embedded handling and transport processes. So far, we can look back on a number of successful implementations." Managing Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Clausen

"As part of our project work, we make use of the expertise in the analysis of processes, development of mathematical algorithms and simulation of material flows, which has been developed steadily since the foundation of our institute. In addition, companies benefit from the latest insights, products and methods of logistics research that go into solution determination." - Chief Engineer Dipl.-Logist. Sven Langkau




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Analyzing planning and management problems in production and logistics, making optimal decisions with the help of mathematical models and algorithms.


Knowing and optimizing processes, using specific controlling measures permanently and efficiently as well as providing decision support based on analytical methods.


Transparent processes, identification of bottlenecks, validation of planning and increased efficiency with the help of simulation and analytic methodologies.