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Interdisciplinarity is Our Factor of Success

The team of the institute ITL includes scientists from the disciplines logistics, (industrial) engineering, (business) mathematics, informatics and economics.

Due to the broad knowledge from different disciplines in the team, the members participate actively in solving logistic tasks in practice as well as researching the particular specific features and connections in project work with different methods and approaches.

Learn more about us; click on the following profiles.



Members of staff

Foto von Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Clausen Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Clausen,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-6336

Foto von Dr.-Ing. Sven Langkau Dr.-Ing. Sven Langkau,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-6337

Foto von Petra Mattner Petra Mattner,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-6336

Christiane Mieles, B.Sc.,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7337

Foto von Tim Brilka, M. Sc. Tim Brilka, M. Sc.,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7325

Foto von Maximilian Kiefer, M. Sc. Maximilian Kiefer, M. Sc.,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7341

Foto von Marc Kirberg, M.Sc. Marc Kirberg, M.Sc.,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7328

Foto von M. Sc. Felix Kreuz M. Sc. Felix Kreuz,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7816

Foto von M.Sc. Moritz Pöting M.Sc. Moritz Pöting,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7334

Foto von Carlos Rodriguez, M. Sc. Carlos Rodriguez, M. Sc.,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7335

Foto von M. Sc. Stefan Schaudt M. Sc. Stefan Schaudt,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7338

Foto von Nora Stahn, M.Sc. Nora Stahn, M.Sc.,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7336

Foto von Faissal Zammali Faissal Zammali,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7348

Foto von M.Eng. Di Zhang M.Eng. Di Zhang,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7324

Members of staff (in cooperation with Fraunhofer IML)

Student assistants

Kristina Bschorer,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7344

Alexander Gehl,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7344

Nils Gosebrink,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7344

Lasse Jurgeleit, B.Sc.,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7344

Nicklas Klein,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7344

Hannah Scheerer,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7337

David Storm,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7344

Mats Voß,

Telephone: (+49)231 755-7344