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Intelligent Control in Area Utilization and Supply Networks

Background and Objectives

In cooperation with the logistics service provider Logwin Solutions, ITL develops two software modules for intelligent area utilization and traffic control. The software has been developed based on a real logistics terminal.

The first (simulation) module is used to evaluate the logistic processes within the transshipment terminal. Using the simulation suite makes it possible to analyze material flow as well as information flow. Strategies are developed to efficiently use resources, e.g., attainment of optimal utilization of functional areas and technical equipment.

The results of the second module are used to analyze the impacts of more efficient transport bundling in transport networks. The results help to improve the networks´ efficiency and traffic by reaching higher capacity utilization especially in the logistics nodes. The resulting traffic on each node can be served again as the system load for the simulation of logistics sites.



The first step to develop the simulation module is the consideration of current processes and resources of the terminal location. Afterwards, different improved scenarios based on the current scenarios were designed. These improved scenarios deal with layout planning, modeling of different processes and investigation of alternative technology components. Thereafter, these scenarios were implemented as simulation models and evaluated in terms of their resource efficiency and compared.

For the implementation of the second software module all available transport data is consolidated and analyzed in terms of data quality. Then, various performance measures are collected based on a representative set of transport data. Specially adapted algorithms were used for the calculation of efficient transport bundling.



Using simulation helps to find the scenario with the highest resource efficiency. Due to the consolidation of transport a higher utilization of transports and a better overall utilization of terminals are expected. The combination of the two developed software modules offers for the first time the ability to investigate the effects of altered capacity utilization with regard to the efficiency of internal processes. It supports at the same time an increased flexibility and predictability of traffic and capacity utilization of logistics sites.



Prof. Dr. Ing. Uwe Clausen



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