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EcoSiteManager (ESM)


The project aimed at developing existing transport management solutions consequently to more service oriented solutions and additionally to realize an efficient management of resources. The integrated approach of consideration of the entire process and its optimization, either physically or economically, is in addition to potentials of sustainability one of the remarkable and innovative improvements.


Logistics facilities (handling facilities, distribution centers, production locations) are essential factors in superior transportation networks which are influencing performance, quality, costs and CO2-emissions of the entire system and simultaneously the offered product or service on the market. To increase the operator’s ability to compete on the market it is essential to optimize the efficiency of its logistics facilities. 

To reach this aim a Software prototype called “EcoSiteManager” is developed. Its purpose is on the one hand to provide the user with comprehensive information in logistics facilities. On the other hand it is meant to support human experts in planning and controlling of their facilities by applying integrated scientific and methodic intelligence and also automated decisions.

According to this, evolutionary algorithms has been developed which enables a parallel optimization of interdependent logistics divisions within one facility (e.g. vehicle control, ramp disposition) in real-time. Furthermore the integration of human intelligence is possible. The technical innovation is hereby made in the design of the user interface and the analysis screens which are directly evaluating interventions caused by human experts.


The result of this research project are algorithms which enable parallel optimization of logistics resources and which supports operators of logistics facilities to realize the claimed performance and quality at less input of resources.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Clausen