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Optimization of packet delivery systems using delivery robots

The Courier Express Parcel (CEP) industry is facing great challenges due to constantly growing parcel volumes combined with increasing customer expectations. Overcoming these challenges requires new innovative approaches and solutions.

For the last mile, so-called delivery robots are a promising solution.

Restrictions of these robots are the capacity of one parcel and a significantly shorter range compared to van delivery. This raises the following questions:

  • How should robots and parcels be distributed to a given number of depots?
  • How can the electric battery of a robot be modeled?
  • What is the saving if the assignment between depots and delivery robots is not fixed and robots are able to change their depot between two customers?
  • How can these questions be solved under uncertainty?

Research Focus

  • Delivery robots
  • Vehicle routing
  • Machine scheduling

Current projects

  • Simulation and optimization of a CEP network involving parcel delivery robots
  • Branch and prize framework for the optimization of parcel delivery with robots
  • Electric vehicle routing problem
  • Parallel machine scheduling with distinct due windows

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