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Institute of Transport Logistics (ITL)

M.Sc. Moritz Pöting – Team Leader Simulation and Logistics Engineering Photo of M.Sc. Moritz Pöting

(+49)231 755-7334

(+49)231 755-6338


Institut für Transportlogistik
Leonhard-Euler-Straße 2
44227 Dortmund

Room 203

Further Information

Personal Data

  • Studies of Logistics at TU Dortmund (M.Sc.)
  • Research Assistant at ITL since 2015
  • Team Leader Simulation and Logistics Engineering
  • Educational Coordination at ITL

Educational Coordination

In case of questions about lectures of the ITL please contact Mr. Pöting, surgery is every Monday from 3 pm until 4 pm, Room 203.

We ask for your appreciation that we can only respond your inquiries at the mentioned surgeries. Questions that can not be responded through our website or the websites of the faculty of mechanical engineering, can not be processed.

Research Focus

  • Simulation and heuristic optimisation of logistic terminals
  • Yard Logistics/ Yard Management
  • Coordination of scientific teaching at ITL

Project Coordination

  • MINIS – miniaturised logistic systems with 3D-printing
  • U-Turn creates new Ways for aliments


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